Opening March 2020


Experience the introduction of a new and exciting way to enhance your shopping experience, one that allows you to interact with, and learn about, the story of your food.

Food and drink is an integral part of our lives, yet we lack the true knowledge of where it comes from. The Happerley certification is a marque that is clearly displayed on the packaging, as a QR code for you to scan. You will be able to learn more about that produce on your smart phone, so that you can make an informed decision.

We are in an age where technology can help bridge that gap, to empower us and to give us the knowledge to help us with our buying decisions and Happerley is at the forefront of this technology.

By using the Happerley apps you can delve into each supplier profile and learn more about what they do. Giving you an insight into how environmentally friendly that business is and how they support local communities, animal welfare standards etc. You will also be able to see other certifications they may have and what they mean so you have a better understanding of just what each badge represents and what that means for you.

Happerley is creating a hub of information at your fingertips and by using the Happerley apps, all consumers young and old can help understand the food industry better, and truly learn about the products that you purchase.