Our story

Happerley is a fast-growing food and drink organisation, set up by farmers to empower farmers and create a level playing field for all food and drink businesses to validate, protect and promote the provenance value of their product, while allowing the customer to make an informed choice.

Our story

Working on the principle of ‘One British Food Community’ Happerley are delivering a means to create the worlds most transparent free food and drink network and are working to unite the nation in provenance and sustainability.

Happerley are driving the move towards a transparent, honest and sustainable food industry by empowering everyone to know the journey of the ingredients in the food and drink they buy. Happerley turns food/drink businesses ‘Happerley Transparent’ by independently validating and publishing their ingredient supply chain. In doing so the business/brand are awarded a marque containing a unique QR code which makes their whole supply chain instantly accessible.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 there has never been a more crucial time to root your brand values into your own ingredient supply chain, turning them into your "team brand", while engaging with and validating your own provenance story. The need to educate and inspire your supply chain on the importance you place on the ingredients they supply, plus their provenance and transparency is now key and will work to develop and strengthen loyalty. Taking these steps will give you the ability to highlight potential weaknesses in your supply chain, recognise strengths and identifies opportunities to improve.

Happerley England is the UK’s very first centre to celebrate food & drink provenance, based at Lock29 in Banbury. A food hub like no other, Happerley England will engage England’s finest producers with those who really value the journey of their food and drink. A truly monumental milestone for the ‘Happerley’ movement and a progressive step for the industry. Our aim is to draw in local, regional and national visitors to experience and celebrate the very best food and drink in the UK, but in a new transparent and informative way of buying produce.

The consumer is demanding more than ever to know the journey of their food and the sustainability of the product. Happerley is at the forefront of technology that can deliver exactly this, while at the same time creating a refreshingly interactive shopping experience.

Certified brands are provided a licence to apply the ‘Happerley’ marque on packaging or at point-of-sale, and so for consumers scanning the unique QR code on their smart devices, via the free Happerley consumer app, they are instantly connected to the supply chain and therefore origin (e.g. the farm or field) and sustainability for that particular product.