Opening March 2020

Our Story

Happerley’s grassroots are set in the heart of Gloucestershire. Founded in 2014 by farmer Matthew Rymer, Happerley begun its journey to change the food and drink industry for the benefit of all.

With a mission to dispel consumer scepticism fuelled by misleading marketing tactics, Happerley hopes to repair the damage done to consumer trust and create a fairer playing field for those food & drink businesses that are honest and transparent, setting them apart from the rest.

Armed with some industry insight and bags full of passion, Matthew began Happerley’s journey. The movement has come leaps and bounds since 2014, beating the drum for greater transparency has stirred huge support from far and wide, striking a chord with supporters ranging from major retailers to everyday consumers.

Now Happerley has licensed its Happerley England concept to Castle Quay to be hosted by Lock29. Set to become the flagship centre of Food & Drink provenance, Happerley England will become a hub to engage England’s finest producers with those who truly value food and drink provenance. It is a truly monumental milestone for the Happerley movement and a progressive step for the industry.

Happerley is now actively exploring options for a Happerley Wales and a Happerley Scotland.

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